, Inc.
IRS Form 8937, Cover Page
December 26, 2019 Distribution

On December 26, 2019,, Inc. (the “Company”) paid a special cash distribution of $1.00 per share to common stockholders of record on December 17, 2019. Pursuant to Internal Revenue Code section 6045B, we are reporting to all holders of record the currently estimated federal income tax characterization of this payment and its effect on such holders’ tax bases in the shares of our common stock. Based upon our preliminary estimate of earnings and profits for 2019, no portion of the distribution constitutes a taxable dividend under Internal Revenue Code section 316 and all of the distribution constitutes a return of capital subject to the provisions of Internal Revenue Code sections 301(c)(2) and (3). Final 2019 operating results for the Company could result in a change in our estimated earnings and profits and to the federal income tax characterization of the distribution. If that happens, we will update our public notice as necessary. We encourage stockholders to consult their tax advisors for proper treatment of any Company distributions included in their 2019 tax returns. The determination of the tax treatment of distributions (dividend vs. return of capital) is reported to stockholders on IRS Form 1099-DIV.

Form 8937 for Fiscal 2019 Distributions Paid

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