As each of us can personally attest, customer relationships can be built or broken during support calls. A company needs to use the best hiring and training techniques, then augment them with the best support software, if it wants to rise above the competition and improve the bottom line. In this white paper we look at how this can apply to the call itself.


Support Interaction Optimization is the natural last step in using automation to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the contact center. Industry recognition of the opportunities inherent in SIO has led to a broad array of service offerings that make it easy and cost-effective to exploit the possibilities. The most popular solutions offer enriched guided problem resolution capabilities, provide increasingly sophisticated analytics functions that drive valuable, cost-reducing insights, and integrate with both third-party products and other in-house systems. We’re already seeing the addition of advanced natural language processing and inference engines that allow “virtual agents” to substitute for live agents in limited circumstances, clear signs that SIO has proven its merits and will only improve over time.

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