It’s been said that the only thing that is constant is change. This is especially true when supporting customers in the new world of interconnected devices. Solutions that work at this moment can change in the next as interoperability issues, security threats, and software updates barrage the consumer. The foundation of the customer support architecture must be strong but also able to quickly evolve while maintaining customer satisfaction along the way.

Market research tells us… and we all know from our own behavior… that consumers don’t read instructions. Consumers now expect your product to guide them through the initial setup. When they run into trouble, the FAQs or support links on your website are the first stop, not the packaged documentation… if there was any. Creating a foundation of support for the do-it-yourself consumer means it’s critical to have easily digestible self-support content readily available. The content needs to be in the language of the consumer, built on best practices, and not worded using internally developed shorthand written by product marketing.

Making sure the content is solving the customer problem and remains relevant is critical. You need to understand where the content doesn’t work and where customers get stuck. As an example, suppose step 4 in your newly launched IoT device set-up is to pair the device to the hub. Within the first few hours after release, our analytics can identify the fact that 50% of users using self-support need help completing this step and contact an agent. Agents know exactly what the user was doing when they escalated, analytics make it clear that step 4 needs to be revised and moved — you actually need to pair the device before you mount it to the wall in the room down the hall. In less than 5 minutes the self-support content is updated and the next DIYer is successful.

Support is constantly evolving. Spending years of supporting tens of thousands of interactions a day has allowed us at to create tools and content to help support customers through self-support with the best technical support agents available, 24 hours a day, to help when doing-it-yourself isn’t enough. When our team learns something new, or spots a new trend in analytics, content is updated and maintained so support is relevant and alive.

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