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Customers increasingly demand effortless customer service. Customer service executives face the constant challenge of simultaneously meeting customer expectations and business cost goals. Forrester’s contact centers for customer service playbook outlines four steps for application development and delivery professionals to optimize and innovate customer service operations:

  1. Discover: Establish the value of customer service
  2. Plan: Set the right strategy
  3. Act: Execute the strategy with precision
  4. Optimize: Measure and improve operations

Key Takeaways

Customer Service: Easy To Talk About, Hard To Deliver
Outstanding customer service is a cornerstone of any company’s customer experience strategy. However, few companies are able to deliver due to the increasing complexity of the technology ecosystem, changing customer demands, new technology deployment methods, and vendor mergers and acquisitions.

Delivering Good Customer Service Requires A Disciplined Approach
This playbook outlines the four critical steps in transforming customer service processes to deliver distinctive customer experiences that will set your company apart in the marketplace: 1) establish the value of customer service; 2) set the right strategy; 3) execute the strategy with precision; and 4) measure and improve operations.

Customer Service Technology Strategies Focus On Business And Customer Value
By leveraging the right technology and processes, organizations create deeper value-adding relationships with their clients. This leads to increased retention, spending, and advocacy — all of which drive more top-line revenue.

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