Success can actually drive return rates higher for companies that are not prepared to support new purchases. Generally speaking, marketing campaigns focus on sales conversions without considering post-sale problems. In the age of online shopping and the Internet of Things (IoT), the new final stage of the sales cycle is the point at which the customer actually decides to keep the device. This decision isn’t made online, it’s made in the customer’s home. Perfectly functioning devices will be returned if customers buy your products but then can’t get them working within their expected level of effort or time.

Far too many consumer electronics are being returned simply because the customer unboxed the device and gave up because they couldn’t figure it out. Getting good support to customers early will save millions in expensive returns and significantly boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Visual support is the key to seeing the complexities of IoT in each user’s home. Rather than describe the configuration, your agents can save time and reduce customer frustration by looking directly at the system and guiding your customer to the fix.

It’s time to open your eyes. SeeSupport allows your agents to share images, text, and live video, in real time, without interrupting the voice portion of the call. SeeSupport is cloud software so there’s no install on the agent side. On the customer side, our small, secure app allows for streaming video but there’s no download required to share photos and text via messaging. You can begin using SeeSupport without any changes to your existing infrastructure and no install issues for your customers.

There is… quite literally… nothing stopping you from providing remote viewing to your agents today.

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