“Language Alignment” – If you’ve been working in the support world for any length of time, you already know what I mean… you may even have let out an audible groan. When you don’t have eyes on the problem, language itself becomes part of the problem.

The phrase “Lingua Franca” has come to mean a language that has been adopted as a common language between speakers whose native languages differ. This isn’t it’s original meaning, of course, but as time marches forward language changes. Similarly, the word “computer”, first used in 1613, originally referred to a person who carried out calculations or computations… and the word kept that meaning all the way through the 1960s. But now when we think of a computer, we think of a machine. There are a lot of examples of how language changes and morphs over time but my current favorite is the word “phone”. Most people in developed countries are walking around with a powerful computing device in their pockets that connects to a world-wide network of other devices… including ones in orbit around the planet. We use them to listen to music and podcasts, to watch TV, record video, take pictures, keep track of our friends, provide directions while driving, play games, shop, date, and… occasionally… talk. In fact, we rarely use them as phones anymore. Actually talking to someone on one of these things seems anathema. But that’s OK. We’re used to these language changes.

Technology has always driven changes in our culture and changes in our language. The early adopters and tech enthusiasts adapt to the language changes quickly but they tend to be self-supporting. But when a new technology hits the mainstream, there is no Lingua Franca. There is no common language that lets customers communicate effectively and efficiently with support reps. When all we have are words, average resolution times suffer and frustration builds as the rep is just trying to discover what device the customer is holding in their hand.

But let’s get back to that phone thing. The camera in that phone can be used to cut through language barriers like a hot knife through butter. That phone can help your agents solve the problem faster and with less frustration. Images and video are the new Lingua Franca; the language is aligned.

SeeSupport allows your customers to securely share photos with your agents via messaging that can then be annotated and sent back in real-time. And SeeSupport is cloud software so there’s no install on the agent side. On the customer side, our small, secure app allows for streaming video but there’s no download required to send photos and text. You can begin using SeeSupport without any changes to your existing infrastructure and no install issues for your customers.

There is… quite literally… nothing stopping you from giving your agents eyes on the problem today.

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