If the agent had a way to securely receive an image sent from the customer’s cell phone, the problem would have been revealed. The yellow wire was where the white wire should be and vice versa. But the agent didn’t know that, and neither did the customer. After a few tries at the same instructions the agent heard…

“I’m color blind.”

Let that sink in.

There was no yellow wire… not from his perspective… just two white wires… one slightly grayer than the other.

Color Blindness affects approximately 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women worldwide. The likelihood of your agents encountering this exact situation is high. Too high to ignore. The chart below shows the range of colors that what people with Tritanopia see (Blue/Yellow Color Blindness) as compared to people with typical vision.

There could have been any number of white, blue, green, and yellow wires for that particular device and that customer would have been frustrated until another pair of eyes looked at the problem with him.

But while this particular problem could have been solved by sharing an image via messaging, having support agents to use their personal cell phones isn’t a solution; it’s a problem.

SeeSupport allows your customers to securely share images with your agents via messaging but without using their own devices. Images can then be annotated and sent back in real-time. SeeSupport is cloud software so there’s no install on the agent side. On the customer side, our small, secure app allows for streaming video but there’s no download required to share images and text messages. You can begin using SeeSupport without any changes to your existing infrastructure and no install issues for your customers.

There is… quite literally… nothing stopping you from giving your agents eyes on the problem today.

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