In an earlier blog post, I discussed needing a technician in my home to solve a problem and the impact this has on your margins. However, the level of customer effort involved in having a technician in the home can impact the perception of the quality of support provided. Field support calls aren’t just expensive to provide, they’re annoying to endure. High customer effort can negate the value of having a great technician in the home.

I have a very sweet, very friendly, pit bull… but he’s 50 pounds of muscle and is under the impression that anyone entering the house is there solely to play tug of war with his rope toy. He is emphatic about this. Also, I’m not exactly tidy, and parking in my neighborhood is challenging. A field support call means locking my dog in the bedroom, cleaning up the house, and notifying the neighbors that a double-parked truck may have their car pinned in for a few hours. The worst part of the entire ordeal is the inner voice in me saying, “was this really necessary… couldn’t we have walked through this issue in half the time and a quarter of the frustration if we had an easier way to communicate.” delivers the best way to offer an expert to guide customers through support issues when they get stuck or are just unsure what to do next, without intruding in their space and using devices that they already own. offers a spectrum of support. Our self-support software allows you to deliver step-by-step instruction to solve the toughest technical problems, with live collaboration features including chat and phone when you just need a little help. We even have technical support reps to solve your problems. SeeSupport is another set of eyes looking at the issue. Its one of those tools that allows your customer to share images and live video, in real time, with agents. The software is easy for agents to use and offers customers simple options to share images and text messages. Leveraging expertise and intelligent tools like SeeSupport can minimize on-site visits, saving your technicians from encounters with barking dogs and me from having to dust.

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