From the ancient stories of Perseus and the Graeae to the modern CIA’s Stargate Project, humans have longed for the ability to see far away places and events in real time. The dream of remote viewing is as old as humanity itself. Now that we are all walking around with what is essentially a full-blown video production studio in our pockets, remote viewing is no longer a dream. It’s reality… and it has been for several years. In the age of FaceTime, Skype, and a dozen or so other video conferencing tools, we can see… in real time… places and events that are on the other side of the world, in orbit on the International Space Station, and even on other planets with the Curiosity Rover on Mars.

It’s time to apply remote viewing to customer support.

I FaceTime with my family on a fairly regular basis, generally only after I’ve tidied up the apartment, which means mostly on weekends. Because they all know I work in the tech sector, invariably, the conversation turns to some problem or other that they are having with a new… or really old… piece of hardware. We’re already on FaceTime so it’s not long before I hear “How about if I just show you?”… it’s the most natural thing in the world… even for my parents who are technically savvy but don’t have the technical vocabulary to describe the problem to me. It’s easier to just show me. My family members are not my customers but I am providing support. By having eyes on the problem, I don’t have to listen to them to tell me what lights are blinking on the cable-modem only to realize after 2 minutes that they’re describing the lights on the router. None of us decided to solve problems this way. It’s just happened. It seemed perfectly natural. It is perfectly natural. That’s the way humans solve problems, we look at the situation together, in real time, and collaborate.

Now imagine the frustration when my parents have to call in to a voice-only call center for support. They start the call frustrated… before the agent even picks up.

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that FaceTime is the solution to all customer support issues; the security issues alone are terrifying. I also doubt you’d want your customers having direct access to your agent’s smartphones. I only mention FaceTime because it’s a concrete example of how consumers are comfortable with using video to communicate and collaborate in real time. They’ve come to expect it.

We’re here to help you offer it.

SeeSupport allows your agents to share images, text, and live video, in real time, without interrupting the voice portion of the call. SeeSupport is cloud software so there’s no install on the agent side. On the customer side, our small, secure app allows for streaming video but there’s no download required to share images and text messages. You can begin using SeeSupport without any changes to your existing infrastructure and no install issues for your customers.

There is… quite literally… nothing stopping you from providing remote viewing to your agents today.

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