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Our Cloud software platform enables us to deliver five-star technical and customer support experiences for major U.S. brands. This multi-channel platform integrates with your systems and are tested and proven in the market. Cloud increases agent effectiveness with clear, step-by-step guidance and manages security in a virtual, remote environment.

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Or send us an email at: Cloud software Cloud is a comprehensive suite of integrated call center software tools designed to deliver a dramatically better technical support experience in today’s multidevice, always-connected world. You can license some, or all of it to fit into your current call center services environment. It’s also the power behind our proven outsourced technical support services.

Agent support’s Cloud Agent Support software equips customer support reps with the integrated tools they need to be tech support rock stars. It’s powered by our signature Guided Paths® solution and integrates seamlessly with your CRM, ticketing, and other systems, so agents are equipped with exactly what they need to know, when they need to know it.

With phone and chat, plus advanced remote control and remote video on mobile devices, agents can solve problems on first contact — and delight customers while they’re at it.


Only offers self-service using Guided Paths to deliver expert, step-by-step guidance from your website or mobile app. It mimics the experience your customer would get with a live agent — quickly diagnosing the problem, then giving customers the solutions they’re actually looking for.

We begin by pulling information that you already know about your customers to present smart choices from the start — such as which devices they own, the support program they belong to, or what they did with tech support historically. Next, we give them choices and ask intelligent questions to narrow things down quickly.

Then, we give them crisp, clear, easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions, which can include multimedia demos and tutorials or other Guided Paths. At any time during the self-service journey, customers can escalate to agent-assisted support without repeating a single step.

Guided Paths

Our signature Guided Paths solution and experience-tested content library are the backbone of our live agent and self-service solutions.

Guided Paths turns the content library into step-by-step intelligence. Using branching logic and dynamic decision points, it emulates real-world decision-making for simple to complex tasks. We’re ready to go with guidance for over 10,000 devices and common problems. And, we’ll work with you to build and refine new content that’s the perfect fit for your business.

Integrations Cloud software integrates seamlessly with your back-end systems, making it easy for agents to know about your customers the second they pick up the phone or engage with a chat. We offer prebuilt integrations with Salesforce and Zendesk®, as well as SDK tools that can work with everything else.

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Advanced remote control Cloud software includes all the advanced remote viewing and control tools a support organization needs — built right in. Agents can co-browse and provide side-by-side guidance on all modern operating systems. They can also push diagnostics, fixes, and other apps right to your customers’ devices. At the same time, detailed data is gathered throughout the entire interaction, providing valuable insights to optimize support interactions and improve the customer experience.


Using our SeeSupport mobile app or text messaging, your customers can use their mobile device camera to show agents exactly what they’re seeing. They can share real-time video or snap a photo. Agents see it immediately on their screen and get more insight for better problem-solving. You get better first-contact resolution rates while reducing returns, replacements, and truck rolls.

Remote mobile support uses include:

  • Checking wiring on TVs, entertainment systems, gaming consoles, and more
  • Viewing error codes on alarms, appliances, and other devices
  • Diagnosing and walking through repairs or replacements remotely
  • Verifying the correct part or model number before shipping a replacement part
  • Helping install security cameras, wireless speakers, and motion sensors
  • Verifying equipment malfunctions or damage before approving claims or authorizing returns


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