Outsourced technical support services.

Tech support is a complicated business. Experience matters. That’s why Support.com is the partner of choice for outsourced, white-label technical support services among many of the biggest and best brands in the US. We know what it takes to get it right the first time — and adapt quickly when things change. Five-star success. It’s what we do.


Partner with the experienced leader.

At Support.com, our focus is on providing expert technical support services. And with over 20 years of experience, we’re really, really good at it.

Whether you’re looking to reduce returns, improve customer loyalty, or grow revenue, our turnkey programs get you there fast. Our full spectrum of call center technical support services includes presale and post-sale support across all devices in the connected home. We excel at customizing solutions for businesses large and small and offer a variety of pricing models to handle a wide range of requirements.

With our scalable workforce of expert, US-based tech support agents, signature self-service solutions, and proven leadership in program design and execution, you can:

  • Deliver more value to your customers for core products and warranty programs
  • Scale rapidly to handle new products and services or increased demand
  • Create new revenue streams by offering paid support to customers
  • Drive higher conversion rates with expert presales support
  • Boost customer satisfaction scores to industry-leading levels
We helped a large US cable TV provider increase its Net Promoter Score by 23% in one month.

Work with the team that goes the extra mile every day.

Together, our agents, tools, and processes are unparalleled. And when you partner with us as your outsourced technical support services provider, you get them all. Your customers get the right answers the first time they reach out with minimal frustration, and you’ll reduce your returns, replacements, and truck rolls too.

Live agents and self-service form the core. Our expert tech support agents are equipped with smart, integrated software tools and our customizable content library, so they can handle issues quickly without annoying phone transfers or repetitive questions. Our intelligent self-service — powered by our signature Guided Paths® solution — goes beyond typical FAQs to deliver step-by-step diagnosis and guidance through your website or mobile app.

You can rely on the trusted experts at Support.com to continually analyze and optimize your business. Six Sigma® quality programs guide our actions with tested, proven business processes. As an extension of your own team, we’ll work with you to drive exceptional business outcomes and five-star success.

Our tech support services for industry-leading companies consistently get Net Promoter Scores of 80 or higher, ranking among the industry’s best.

Make tech work at every stage — from first contact to loyal customer.

Your products are awesome, but if your customers can’t use them, it hurts your business. At Support.com, we help you deliver the value customers are looking for. Whether it’s deciding what to buy, getting set up, or problem-solving along the way, we make sure that your most precious assets — your customers — are truly delighted.

From PCs and Macs to iOS and Android, to connected devices like home automation systems, home theaters, wearables, gaming systems, intelligent personal assistants, and even drones, Support.com offers turnkey and customized options for outsourced technical support services across the entire customer lifecycle.

Our most popular capabilities include:

Presales support

  • Technical know-how
  • Product and service upsell

Onboarding services

  • Install and setup
  • Avoid product returns

Problem resolution

  • Diagnosis and repair
  • Hardware issues

Internet of Things

  • Multiplatform
  • Networking and security

Get the program and pricing you need.

We love flexibility, which is why we avoid the take-it-or-leave-it approach offered by many of our competitors. At Support.com we work hard to hand-tailor programs and business models to fit your customer needs and budget requirements.

Tech support package options include:

  • Bundled with product or service sales
  • Subscriptions and incident-based pricing
  • Immediate purchase and prepaid cards
  • Referral programs

Support.com is the partner of choice for outsourced, white-label technical support for the biggest and best brands in the United States. We’re here to help you too.