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We’d like to give it up for the involved, hands-on dads at, who not only work hard but also understand that family comes first. Dads have had a challenging year, just like everyone else. And while the surge in pandemic working conditions has taken a toll on many families, the flexibility of remote work that came about over the past year offered a golden benefit to many fathers: The chance to skip the commute and spend more time at home. In a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, 71% of working fathers reported better mental well-being as a result of working from home during the pandemic and gaining more balance for family time.

But now many parents, both mothers and fathers, are being asked to return to the office and take up commuting again, despite the weight it might put back on their family lives. While a January poll by Gallup showed that 44% of U.S. workers prefer to continue remote work, in a lot of cases, parents don’t have a choice.

Providing a flexible workplace is one way that we choose to celebrate our working parents: We believe that with the right mix of training, mentorship, and intuitive digital tools, employees can stay at home to work while still feeling engaged and connected to colleagues. operates with a global staff of home-based employees. We cherish the work-life balance that remote work offers. Our employees have the option to work varied shifts, split shifts, and part-time to create a schedule that makes sense for them and their families.

We’ve got some incredible dads working for us around the globe. We sat down with a few to talk about the impact that full-time remote work has had on their relationships with their families, and when it comes to family time, the rewards have been tremendous. Expert Justin Spears is a single father to a 10-year-old son. Justin homeschools his son and says the flexibility that working from home with has provided has “been a dream,” and has allowed him to create a work and school schedule that meets both of their needs. “We both get up and have breakfast together, then go to our respective offices and start work for the day. I don’t think that I would be as hands on with my son’s education if I didn’t have the option to be here when he needed me. makes that possible.”

Another homeschooling dad and Expert, Jeffrey A. Muth Jr., has worked at for the past seven years. “This work has allowed me to see my son grow up, spend more time with him and not miss those precious moments.” He talked about how much time others who work in offices miss and how badly he would regret that missed time. supervisor, Dylan Patterson, has remarked that provided opportunities to him and in turn he was able to open opportunities for his kids. This job has allowed him to educate his children, play with them, and nurture them. “Even as shifts change and the company proceeds into the future, I have not had to adjust my personal life or my kids’ education.”

We’re thrilled that the dads at gain this valuable time back with their families simply by working here and benefiting from our homesourcing platform. But we know we need to do more than that to support working parents. This is why we are proud to also offer performance-based bonuses, paid on-the-job training, and the tools to keep our teams powerfully connected and growing.

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*Quotes from Experts have been edited slightly for clarity.

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