Home-based Agents, ExpertAnywhere

Customers want hassle-free answers to tough questions, but pulling that off is no small feat. With Support.com’s ExpertAnywhere capability, clients can access a global, experienced, home-based team with deep knowledge of their industry or product/service, or work with Support.com to quickly transition an existing team to a home-based omnichannel program to maintain uninterrupted service.

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A global network of home-based agents – ExpertAnywhere

Support.com’s home-based agents are custom profiled and micro-targeted to meet a client’s specific skill set, experience, or efficiency requirements. Our ExpertAnywhere capability enables rules-based automatic volume routing and eliminates geographic constraints from recruiting, training, and onboarding allowing Support.com to find the best agents, no matter where they are located. Home-based employees are then equipped with smart, secure integrated tools and an experience-tested content library to provide effective and efficient support resulting in industry-leading NPS and FCR rates. We’re ready-to-go with step-by-step guidance for common customer and technical support problems, and we’ll work with you to build and refine new content that’s a uniquely customized for your business.

Support.com’s diverse and powerful workforce of home-based employees includes military veterans, work-from-home parents, and people with disabilities.

Global network of diverse, home-based customer and technical support experts.

Transition your customer support team to be home-based.

Support.com can transition your current customer and technical support team and make them home-based immediately. We’ll can empower them with our secure, cloud-based expert platform and have them ready to support your customers regardless of where they are located.

Secure, proprietary platform & tools to increase expert productivity.

At Support.com, we believe in eliminating silos and empowering experts. Experts get insight about your customers the moment they pick up the phone or engage in a chat. They’re equipped with Support.com’s omnichannel, integrated, cloud-based customer and technical support platform and tools to get the job done the first time. They excel at solving complex issues, like interactions between software and devices from different manufacturers. And, Support.com’s “do it right the first time” culture lets them get curious and go the extra mile to make sure that problems get solved.

Our platform & tools include:

Insight-driven software platform

  • Integrated phone and chat channels
  • Auto-connection to real-time customer and device data
  • SDKs and APIs for integration with your web, mobile apps and back-end systems

Knowledge base solutions

  • Experience-tested content library
  • Guided Paths® for diagnosis and step-by-step guidance
  • Solutions for over 10,000 devices and common problems
  • Custom content development and optimization

Remote control and viewing

  • Co-browse and provide side-by-side guidance
  • Push diagnostics, fixes, and apps to your customer’s device
  • Remote video and photo sharing using your customer’s mobile phone
According to the Northridge Group, two-thirds of connected consumers report frustration at being asked to repeat information again and again.

Build your knowledge base and enhance your brand.

Great customer and technical support experiences grow customer loyalty, which is why Support.com is committed to making it just right for you and your customers.

Our content library and signature Guided Paths® experience form the backbone of Support.com’s live expert and self-service solutions.

Guided Paths® turn content libraries into step-by-step intelligence. Using branching logic and dynamic decision points, it speeds problem diagnosis and helps experts deliver smart, step-by-step guidance for everything from simple to complex tasks. They can include multimedia demos and tutorials, remote diagnostics, automated fixes, and even other Guided Paths®. It’s all your best practices, wrapped up in one convenient package.

Support.com’s team of experts uses expert input and powerful data analysis tools to continually optimize your content library and Guided Paths®. Scorecards and dashboards help us spotlight your best processes, find and remove bottlenecks, and even pinpoint flaws in the products you’re supporting. In other words, we solve the tough problems so your customers get the best experience — every single day. You’re welcome.

Send us an email at: sales@support.com