Integrate with a secure, proprietary, agent platform & tools’s proprietary agent support platform and tools integrate with your business environment to optimize every customer support interaction. Build the perfect experience into your website, mobile app, or customer service software. Turn your knowledge base into step-by-step guidance. We make it easy to succeed. And your customers will love you for it.

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Build loyalty with step-by-step self-service and live chat.

With the Cloud SDK, we can help you create a tech support experience on the web that your competitors will envy. We make it easy to integrate with your HTML pages — both standard and mobile-responsive — to deliver seamlessly-linked self-support, live chat, and phone options to your customers.

Only offers self-service using Guided Paths®, which quickly diagnoses problems, then gives customers step-by-step guidance to solve them. Customers can escalate to live agents any time they want, and agents can see which steps they’ve already viewed, so they can pick up right where Guided Paths® left off.

One click lets your customers start a live chat or reach out by phone. Thanks to’s smart integrations, agents get insight about your customers the second the chat starts — such as products owned, warranty programs, and account history. And because agents use Guided Paths® too, step-by-step solutions are right at their fingertips.

Website support

  • Self-service
  • Live chat
  • Connect by phone

Mobile app support

  • Self-service
  • Live chat
  • Connect by phone
  • Remote viewing
  • Co-browsing
  • Real-time video
  • Photo sharing

Delight customers with tech support in your mobile app.

With the Cloud SDK, we can help you put an expert customer and tech support experience right into your mobile app. No extra logins required. Just straight to the answers.

With one touch, your customers can access our powerful self-serve tools to solve their own issues, chat with a live agent without leaving your app, and even place a phone call with a tap. And when they connect with an agent, they can use their mobile device camera to share real-time videos or photos.

With your customer’s permission, agents can collect status and diagnostic information from the user’s device to understand the context and current state when a support session begins. An agent can view the user’s screen remotely and co-browse to configure email or WiFi, upgrade or upload software, adjust settings, or show the user how to do something — all with strong two-way encryption. Options vary by operating system and device. Visit’s developer center to learn more.

Fuse content with customer insights to deliver first-contact success.’s signature Guided Paths® solution and powerful content library are designed to present the most relevant support content based on device data or customer intelligence in your CRM, ticketing, or other systems — so agents are equipped with exactly what they need to know, when they need to know it.

Guided Paths® use branching logic and dynamic decision points to help agents diagnose problems quickly without asking unnecessary questions or using swivel-chair integration to look things up in another system. Dynamic decision points can query multiple external systems behind the scenes to make relevant selections based on what you know about your customer — such as products owned, device status, or warranty information – and deliver informed guidance to agents.

With Guided Paths®, can help you build, upgrade, and expand your support knowledge base to turn it into a comprehensive library of step-by-step instructions for your products and services. Or, you can build it yourself and publish it with the click of a button. Because it’s cloud, every support team and every self-service deployment gets updated instantly, so everyone stays on the same page. No coding required.

Content and data integration

  • Get and set data via web services
  • Calculate and execute rules in JavaScript
  • Execute actions via web services
  • Branch content based on context
  • Dynamically populate content pages based on data context

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