In-app customer support with video sharing on mobile

Growing brand loyalty in a mobile-first world means delivering customer and technical support when and where customers want it. With, you can put omnichannel support solutions right in the palm of their hand. They get fast access to great answers. You get fewer returns and truck rolls. And more stars.

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Give your customers the help they need. Wherever they are.

Almost two-thirds of consumers believe that the best brands make their lives easier. You’ve already started that journey by giving them your mobile app. Now you can add even more value by putting expert tech support right at their fingertips.

With the software development kit, we can help you put an awesome experience right in your mobile app. With one touch, your customers can access our powerful self-service tools to solve their issues, chat with a live agent without leaving your app, and even place a phone call with a simple tap. And when they connect with an agent, they can also use their mobile device camera to share real-time videos and photos.

It’s all connected through’s intelligent support platform. No matter which channel customers choose, they don’t have to repeat information or troubleshooting steps.

Customer interaction points through the mobile app


  • Smart problem diagnosis
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Switch to a live agent at any time

Live chat

  • Friendly, tech-savvy agents available through your mobile experience
  • No need to repeat self-service steps


  • The same expert agents, ready to handle the most complex issues
  • No need to repeat self-service steps

Remote Video

  • Speed problem diagnosis and verify parts to be replaced
  • Share real-time videos and photos with agents

Get eyes on the problem with remote video support on mobile.

Some technical issues are trickier to solve than others. When something goes wrong with smart home technology, everyday appliances, or wearable devices, words just aren’t enough. Problems get solved faster when agents can see what the customer is seeing.

When you work with, your customers can use their mobile device camera to do just that. Using our SeeSupport mobile app or text messaging, they can share real-time videos — and photos, too. Agents get more insight for better problem- solving. You get better first-contact resolution rates. And you reduce returns, replacements, and truck rolls.

Remote mobile support uses include:

  • Checking wiring on TVs, entertainment systems, gaming consoles, and more
  • Viewing error codes on alarms, appliances, and other devices
  • Diagnosing and walking through repairs or replacements remotely
  • Verifying the correct part or model number before shipping a replacement part
  • Helping install security cameras, wireless speakers, and motion sensors
  • Verifying equipment malfunctions or damage before approving claims or authorizing returns

Having eyes on the problem can reduce average handle time, first-contact resolution, product return rates, and overall service delivery costs. And boost customer satisfaction scores too. It’s a pretty picture, right?

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