Augment enterprise IT teams with 24/7 remote help desk

Employees working from home or even your road warriors can place extra demands on your internal IT organization. Responding to fluctuating demand can be difficult for IT teams, particularly those located onsite at a local office.’s Remote Help Desk services can expand the capacity and flexibility of your internal IT team, ensuring your remote employees stay both productive and secure.


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Remote Help Desk can help your employees:

  • Access applications, key systems, and corporate resources
  • Configure and troubleshoot communication & collaboration tools (e.g. Zoom, Slack, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Maintain systems and devices with security and OS updates
  • Troubleshoot internet-connected devices, including internet connectivity, device setup, printer installation, file recovery and more.’s Remote Help Desk services are staffed by highly skilled, home-based Tech Pros and serve as an extension of your internal IT team. We can utilize your own knowledge base of support, following your processes for the specific configuration of systems and the environment.

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