Smart, proprietary self-service platform to improve agent metrics

Customers prefer self-service, but only when it works. With’s signature Guided Paths® solution and experience-tested content library, we’ll help you reduce live agent interactions and grow brand loyalty — because we’re better at helping customers help themselves.

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Take your FAQs to next level.

Frequently-asked-questions can be useful. But too often, customers try them and give up in frustration — or bypass them completely, and go directly to live agents. That’s because FAQs simply aren’t designed to diagnose problems methodically, or in a way that customers can follow easily without understanding technical jargon.

Only offers Guided Paths, an intelligent solution that delivers expert, step-by-step guidance from your website or mobile app. With it, your customers get the exact help they need, when and where they need it. No more slogging through pages that don’t apply to them. Just happy customers.

…of connected consumers say they’re likely to defect to another company as a result of poor customer service.*

Give them step-by-step answers.

Let’s face it. Technical support is… dare we say it? Complicated. But that’s not what you want your customers to think. That’s why’s self-serve solution mimics the experience they’d get with a live agent — quickly diagnosing the problem, then giving customers the solutions they’re actually looking for.

We begin by pulling information you already know about your customers to present smart choices from the start — such as what devices they own, what support program they belong to, or what they did with tech support historically. Next, we give them choices and ask intelligent questions to help narrow things down quickly.

Then — and your customers will love this part — we give them crisp, clear, easy-to-understand Guided Paths®. These can include step-by-step instructions, multimedia demos and tutorials, and even branch off to other Guided Paths®. It’s all your best practices, wrapped up on one convenient, self-serve package. Problem solved.

Let them connect with a human. Without repeating steps.

OK. We admit it. Sometimes, there really are problems only a human can solve. But that doesn’t mean your customer has to give up and start all over again. At any point during the self-serve experience, we let your customers connect to one of our expert agents with a simple click or tap. Just the answers your customers are looking for. Minus the frustration.

According to the Northridge Group, 66% of connected consumers report frustration at being asked to repeat information again and again.

Perfect the experience and enhance your brand.

Great technical support experiences grow customer loyalty, which is why is committed to making it just right — for you and your customers.’s signature Guided Paths® experience and powerful content library form the backbone of our live agent and self-service solutions.

Guided Paths® turns the content library into step-by-step intelligence. Using branching logic and dynamic decision points, it emulates real-world decision-making for everything from simple to complex tasks. We’re ready to go with guidance for over 10,000 devices and common problems. And, we’ll work with you to build and refine new content that’s the perfect fit for your business.’s team of experts use powerful data analysis tools to track every step of every support interaction to continually optimize your Guided Paths® experience. Scorecards and dashboards help spotlight your best processes, find and remove bottlenecks, and even improve the products you’re supporting. In other words, we take care of all the hard optimization work. You get all the credit.

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