Stand-up a turnkey, high-margin subscription service for your customers

With, enterprise clients can offer their customers a value-add subscription service that provides premium technical support for any device, any issue – 24/7. Subscription programs are offered as a standalone service, or can be included within a client’s existing bundle of complementary services.’s value-add subscription programs generate significant, new revenue streams, increase customer loyalty, and reduce “no fault found” returns and unnecessary truck rolls.

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24/7 remote tech support delivered by home-based agents

  • Any device, any issue, any time – day or night
  • Support delivered by phone, chat, or virtual house call
  • Covers any internet-connected device; brand-agnostic
  • Leverages Guided Paths® for end-user self-support and/or as an agent tool for efficient issue resolution
  • Offers support across the full customer lifecycle – from pre-sales support to post-purchase usage
  • Delivered by home-based agents that are friendly, knowledgeable, and patient
Subscription Program Benefits

  • Enterprise Clients:
    • Value-add offering with high-margin, high-revenue potential with little upfront cost or effort
    • Fully customizable subscription program that can be quickly stood up and ramped
    • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Reduce “no fault found” returns and unnecessary truck rolls
    • 360° marketing support available to help drive acquisition
  • End-customers
    • Navigate technology comfortably: support goes beyond just “break-fix” and includes setup, troubleshooting, and learning new features
    • Save time & reduce frustration: one-stop shop for issues with any device, regardless of when or where the device was purchased
    • Security & peace of mind: is a credible provider with 20+ years of tech support experience across brands, publicly traded on the NASDAQ

End-customer Testimonials

“[Agent] did a fantastic job helping me restore email to my computer & iPhone. His patience and expertise greatly exceeded my computer skills. Many thanks to him & [Partner Name].”

“I called in for an assist with Zoom download and setup. He not only got me up and running with Zoom, he answered a lot of questions I had with my desktop icons, taskbar icons, where they reside and how to manage them between OneDrive and the local machine.”

“He’s an outstanding tech that not only helps you resolve technical issues but explains issues so you can learn and do it for yourself. Overall, great value, great customer support, and great experience.”

Fully customizable, turnkey subscription program with 360° marketing support
Setup Options

  • Standalone service
  • Add-on to client’s existing bundle of services
  • Included as a “member benefit”

Branding Options

  • White-labeled
  • Co-branded
  • branded

Marketing Acquisition Support, if needed

  • Marketing toolkit
  • Acquisition and CRO consulting services

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