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There’s never a good time for your technology to stop working.

But with, there’s a better way to get the support you need, right when you need it. Solve any issue with any device in your connected home — anytime, all in one place.

We’ve got all your tech needs covered. From basic setup and learning how your tech works, to troubleshooting issues or getting your devices connected, provides unbiased, expert advice and support.

Always on-call, will be there the next time your tech stops working. Start checking things off your tech to-do list and start getting the most out of your technology.

Satisfaction guaranteed — or else it’s on us!

It’s simple. If we don’t fix it, you don’t pay.

Any Device, Any Issue

We support all operating systems and devices in the connected home. No matter when or where you bought your device, we’re here to support you, 24/7, 365.
  • Any connected home device: personal computers, Smart TVs, printers, routers, sound systems, gaming systems, home theaters, automation systems, digital assistants, etc.
  • Any internet-connected device: smartphones, wearables, drones, etc.
  • Any operating system: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Issues we’ve recently resolved:

  • Speeding up a slow computer or mobile device
  • Removing viruses
  • Accessing Internet or email
  • Installing printer or other accessories
  • Reconnecting Amazon Echo or Alexa device
  • Migrating data from one laptop to another
  • Securing an Android phone
  • Connecting a Smart TV to the Internet
  • Recovering deleted files
  • Setting up an Xbox or PS4
  • Updating, installing, or uninstalling software
  • Setting up a Ring doorbell
Questions about devices or issues we cover?
Give us a call: 1-833-202-2695

Get Support via Phone, Chat, Online

Immediately connect with an expert Tech Pro via phone or chat or try one of our interactive step-by-step instruction guides to solve your tech issue.
  • Phone: Talk to an Expert Tech Pro right away, not after your third hello
  • Chat: Connect with a real person, not a robot
  • Online: Walk through interactive, step-by-step guides

Friendly Expert Tech Pros

Our Tech Pros are on your side. With over 20 years of experience, our experts have the know-how to get your tech back up and running in no time.
  • Experience working across all brands, devices, and issues
  • Specialize in solving complex issues where devices are not working well together
  • Speak in everyday language and use the best tools to solve your issue quickly
  • Embody the 4Ps — patient, pleasant, productive, professional
Connect with a Tech Pro — just call: 1-833-202-2695

Online Self-Support Guides

Want to try DIY? Our interactive guides help you solve thousands of common tech issues. If you get stuck, easily connect with a Tech Pro who can pick up right where you left off.
  • Interactive step-by-step guides written in everyday language with instructional images
  • A curated library of over 10,000 tech issues and solutions mapped out
  • Seamlessly connect to a Tech Pro if you get stuck — no repeating steps

Plans & Pricing

Satisfaction guaranteed — or else it’s on us

It’s simple. If we don’t fix it, you don’t pay.
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$9.99 / Month
3-Month Commitment
Unlimited tech support for all connected devices
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$99.99 / Year
Unlimited tech support for all connected devices
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One-time Fix
Tech support for a single issue
 – includes a 30-day warranty
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*Must not have been a subscriber in the past 12 months.
Not sure which option is right for you? Give us a call: 1-833-202-2695

*See terms of service for details.
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Tech Support You Can Trust

Support is what we do

We’re in the business of providing support – it’s what we do. We don’t sell any consumer devices, so our advice is unbiased and based on real experience.

20+ years of Experience

We’ve seen technology change a lot over the two decades that we’ve been a publicly-traded company (NASDAQ: SPRT). Our long history means that we’ve seen, and solved, millions of tech issues over the years.

A lot of happy customers

We’re proud of our consistently high customer satisfaction scores for the tech support we’ve provided our customers over the years — from Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, to the thousands of individual consumers.

Secure, market-proven support tools

The tools that our Tech Pros use and the software for our online guides have been developed and tested to make the tech support experience secure, easy, and effective.
See plans and pricing.

Questions? Give us a call at 1-833-202-2695

Questions? Email us at

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How do I actually get technical support?

To get support from one of our expert Tech Pros just purchase a one-time fix or subscription. After your purchase, you can connect to a Tech Pro via phone or online chat. The Tech Pro will provide remote support, where you have the ability to see everything the technician does, and you are in complete control of the remote connection. If you ever want to close it, you are free to do so. If you have something else to do, or need to be anywhere else, we can just schedule a call back once the service is complete.

Why do I have to pay? Isn’t this covered by my ISP?

Your internet service provider (ISP) can typically assist you if the issue is with internet connectivity to the home. does not provide internet access, but we can help support all the connected devices in your home. We can help you with device connectivity, setup, and troubleshooting, or simply learning new features and functionality. With, you’ll receive premium support that allows you to sit back and watch while our experts do the work. You won’t have to spend time searching for answers online or bringing your device to a local technician. See plans & pricing.

What is remote technical support? Is it secure?

Remote tech support allows our technicians to work on your computer or mobile phone without having the physical device in front of them. You are in complete control of what our technicians can do and see. The remote software we use is completely safe and proprietary. You can view exactly what the technician is doing at all times and can end the connection at any point.

What devices do you cover?

We cover nearly all internet-connected devices, including, but not limited to: personal computers (PCs, Macs), smartphones (Android & iOS), Smart TVs, printers, routers, sound systems, gaming systems, home theaters, automation systems, digital assistants, drones, etc.

What types of problems do you fix?

We can diagnose and resolve almost any tech problem via remote technical support. Some of the types of issues we have recently solved are: connecting devices to a home network, tuning up a slow computer, removing viruses or malware, setting up a new printer or device to the internet, recovering lost or deleted files, updating or installing new OS system or software, migrating data, help with password recovery, and more.

What if my problem isn’t fixed?

Satisfaction guaranteed — or else it’s on us!
It’s simple. If we don’t fix it, you don’t pay.

If we are unable to successfully solve your issue, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. See our Terms of Service.

Why should I trust you? has been in the business of providing tech support since 1997. We are a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ under SPRT. We solve over 375,000 tech problems per month. We also have partnerships with a number of Fortune 500 companies who trust us to provide tech support to their customers every day. In 2014, we won Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan.

Are your Tech Pros really experts?

Our technicians have been solving tech issues for years across all brands and devices.

What subscription plans are available? What’s included? Do I have to get a subscription to get tech support?

We offer a monthly and annual subscription plans that provide unlimited technical support for all of your connected devices. In addition, we offer a one-time fix option that covers any single technical issue with your devices.

How many computers or devices does a plan cover?

Our monthly and annual subscription plans cover all internet-connected devices that you own, from computers and mobile phones to printers, Smart TVs, and even drones.