Redwood City, Calif. – April 25, 2016 –, Inc. (NASDAQ:SPRT), makers of award-winning® Cloud software (formerly “Nexus®”) for Support Interaction Optimization, and a leading provider of tech support and turnkey support center services today announced that Value Wireless, LLC – providers of hybrid GPS-tracker security phones for special segments of the population – have chosen the Cloud Self-Support application for integration into their device platforms, and for delivery of web based self-service.

“People are overwhelmed in life,” said Todd Bernstein, cofounder and CEO of Value Wireless, LLC. “By offering specialized tracker phone devices designed for use by younger kids and older seniors, we simplify choice and make protecting loved ones much easier. And by using Cloud to build in self-service to our KidsConnect™ and Seniors Connect™ platforms at the design stage, we can deliver products that put safety and simplicity first.

“The Self-Support integration allows us to provide contextual guidance to walk our subscriber families through setup, right on the devices. This self-service is easier for our customers, and it allows us to keep the prices affordable on this new breed of security solutions.”

Bret Zarkiewicz, CTO, added, “We want to build our company the right way from the ground up, so we’re thinking about support as part of the product usage, not as a separate step to be taken only if something isn’t working as expected. The great thing about Cloud is the API access that allows our engineers to take control of every part of the Self-Support application to customize it the way we need. As an engineer, that was one of the most appealing things to me.”

KidsConnect – an all–in-one phone and security solution – is for children ages 5-11. Features include built-in GPS/LBS, real-time tracking, and voice monitoring. The device features four speed-dial numbers programmable to family members’ numbers, and an SOS emergency button that instantly dials all four numbers in stressful situations.

“Parents love it because they don’t have to teach the kids anything,” added Zarkiewicz. “We are embedding self-service support into the platform to make it easy for the parents to quickly set up the features for the device, and the kids are good to go.”

The Cloud Self-Support application includes an SDK (software development kit) for web, Android® and iOS. With this kit, customers can embed easy to follow and effective self-service tech support into their websites and apps, to reduce customer effort, drive product adoption and increase brand loyalty.

“Value Wireless is solving a very important problem in the market,” said Elizabeth Cholawsky, President and CEO at “They’re providing security solutions that are specifically designed for the safety needs of younger children and older seniors. We’re delighted to be working with Value Wireless, and pleased they’ve chosen our Self-Support cloud application to help them deliver their vision of ‘support designed in’ which is critical in the age of the connected consumer.”

About Value Wireless

Value Wireless is a start-up founded in 2014 to provide easy to use, all-in-one security  solutions for special segments of the population. The first Value Wireless product is KidsConnect™, a unique, wearable GPS-tracker, phone-replacement device that uses cellular networks and is designed for communication and child-location tracking. Pre-configured with a wireless phone subscription, it’s a simpler and more affordable alternative to much more expensive Android or Apple® phones. Value Wireless security solutions offer simplified designs for ease of use, built-in support, easier replacement of broken or lost devices, and special SOS services created especially for young or special needs children and – coming soon – elderly seniors.

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