Innovations with Guided Paths provide step-by-step, contextual guidance for self-service consumers and contact center agents, to help companies increase brand value and customer loyalty

Redwood City, Calif. — December 14, 2015 —, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPRT), makers of cloud-based Nexus® software for Support Interaction Optimization (SIO) and a leading provider of tech support and turnkey support center services, today announced enhanced Guided Paths® functionality and benefits for users of Nexus cloud applications. Whether used by support organizations as a sophisticated set of tools for agents, or embedded in mobile apps or websites for self-service by consumers, Nexus takes companies from the break-fix mentality of traditional support to success in the new world of connected support.

A survey report issued by in October 2015* states that 52% of Connected Consumers* rated “efficiency and ease of service, support and assistance” as the highest determinant of brand loyalty. Additionally, 57% of these Connected Consumers indicated they think about the brand when there is a defect, technical issue or setup problem with the product purchased. This points to the critical role that customer support plays in the overall brand experience, product value and customer loyalty.

Nexus Guided Paths — the heart of the family of Nexus cloud applications — address brand loyalty by providing friendlier, more interactive and smoother support experiences. Guided Paths offer step-by-step, contextual guidance for effective customer support, and they enable ongoing analytics and optimization of all support interactions.

“In the first three quarters of 2015, we have seen an increase of over 110% in the number of customer support agents actively using Nexus with access to the benefits of Guided Paths,” said Sampath Gomatam, Senior Vice President of Product at “ works with customers in various market segments including tech support service providers, software makers, business & consumer electronics manufacturers, communications service providers and IoT device and app builders.”

Guided Paths enhancements include:

Consumer experience

  • Now, in addition to the intuitive guidance, ease-of-use and effective access to knowledge that Guided Paths have brought to agents, Nexus is making Guided Paths directly available to customers seeking self-service support via Nexus Self-Support. By collecting and analyzing support data from both self-service and assisted support interactions, the Nexus analytics engine can drive content optimization and increase consistency and effectiveness of support delivery across any channel consumers choose to use, thereby leading to a better customer experience.
  • When a consumer uses Nexus Self-Support and then decides to chat or call for professional support, the complete record of all steps taken is automatically available to the support representative thereby reducing customer effort and frustration.

Agent experience

  • Nexus now assists support teams with even more complex workflow logic than ever before by incorporating decision points, or branching logic, into Guided Paths. Moreover, agents can automatically invoke web apps directly from steps of Guided Paths to improve service delivery efficiency.

Guided Paths designer experience

  • has introduced a number of product enhancements to facilitate the creation of Guided Paths from existing knowledge bases. Support teams can directly import content from Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents, include pointers to external content and embed web apps within Guided Paths. An intuitive, drag-and-drop interface provides a quick way to build, analyze, update and manage Guided Paths, ensuring relevant, up-to-date information across all support channels.

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About Nexus

Nexus is the next generation cloud software for technical support that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, creates new revenue opportunities, and decreases support costs. Nexus provides intelligent guidance for support teams and customer self-service, as well as enabling Internet of Things (IoT) solution and app providers to embed support directly into their products. It can be used to resolve complex technical issues more quickly and effectively and maximize the value customers get from new technologies. Nexus Guided Paths® feature acts like a GPS, by suggesting next best steps during customer support interactions. To facilitate continuous optimization, Nexus also collects detailed data about every step of every support interaction, and uses advanced analytics to provide actionable insights into support practices and actual product performance. To learn more about Nexus, visit

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*The survey report is entitled, “Connected Consumers and the Most Personal Brand Experience.” Connected Consumers as used here refers to the 89% of surveyed consumers who rated themselves as either ”very connected” or “somewhat connected” to technology.

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