ISS and Glass Lewis Both Cite VIEX’s Failure to Provide a Strategic Plan for Increasing Stockholder Value Urges Stockholders to Vote FOR its Four Board Nominees on the WHITE Proxy Card Today

Redwood City, Calif. – June 13,, Inc. (NASDAQ:SPRT), makers of award-winning® Cloud software (formerly “Nexus®”) for Support Interaction Optimization and a leading provider of tech support and turnkey support center services, today announced that it is pleased that two leading proxy advisory firms, Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (“ISS”)  and Glass, Lewis & Co. (“Glass Lewis”), concur in not recommending in favor of giving the VIEX Group’s nominees control of the Board of Directors at the Company’s Annual Meeting of Stockholders be held on June 24, 2016. Both proxy advisory firms also concur in recommending against the election of Bradley L. Radoff and Joshua E. Schechter to the Board. issued the following statement commenting on the proxy advisory firms’ recommendations:

“We are pleased that the two leading independent third-party proxy advisory firms have evaluated the voting alternatives and both concur in not recommending in favor of giving the VIEX Group control of the Board. We are also pleased that both proxy advisory firms, in reaching their recommendations, recognized the VIEX Group’s failure to provide any specific and viable alternative strategic plan or any viable and substantive proposals on how it would drive the creation of long-term stockholder value were it to obtain control of the Board. We remain particularly concerned with the VIEX Group’s failure to explain how such an abrupt change in control of the Board, at a pivotal and critical time in’s trajectory, would be accomplished so as not to cause significant and substantial harm to’s business, prospects and relationships with its customers, employees, and partners. We are pleased that ISS noted in its report that it had similar concerns.”

In its June 11, 2016 report commenting on its concerns that the VIEX Group had not made the case that it deserved control of the Board, ISS noted that:

  • “The dissident, however, seeks control of the board. In these cases, ISS requires the dissident present a robust plan which not only lays out the broader strategic outline but also the practical matters of the first days and weeks, so that in aggregate it demonstrated the dissident has thought through the transition in such detail as to have effectively mitigated the risk of unintended consequences from a change in board control. Here however, the dissident plan laid out in its presentation to investors is relatively thin on those details.”
  • The presentation of [VIEX’s] plan, should it win control of the board, is not sufficiently robust to demonstrate that the risks of unintended consequences from majority change have been addressed.”
  • “[VIEX’s objectives] are not, however, an operational plan which looks at risks like flight of key employees, clients and prospects, or provides an interim management strategy should that need suddenly, if not quite unexpectedly arise.”
  • [T]he critical aspect for unaffiliated shareholders voting for a change in control is that there be more substance to the planning, and better commitment from a dissident, than “we’ll figure it out.
  • “[A]bsent that robust, detailed plan to demonstrate the dissident slate’s bona fides, however, ISS policy does not support a recommendation beyond a minority of dissident nominees.

In its report issued on June 10, 2016, Glass Lewis noted as follows in explaining why it is not recommending in favor of giving the VIEX Group’s nominees control of the Board:

  • [W]e are not convinced that turning over control of the board to the Dissidents and their nominees is either warranted or likely to lead to a superior outcome for shareholders at this time.”
  • “In our view, the Dissidents have failed to show adequate cause for the board overhaul they seek and have not presented a sufficiently detailed strategic or other plan to justify the abandoning of the Company’s operating plan and the turning over of five of the six board seats.
  • “In our view, despite the lack of meaningful results to date, the board has presented a persuasive case that its business strategy, combined with a recently implemented cost-reduction plan, is designed to capitalize on the changing dynamics in the Company’s industry and could eventually lead to improved financial performance and enhanced returns for shareholders.”
  • “[I]t doesn’t seem appropriate for a group of shareholders, even one that controls 14.9% of the shares, to effectively take control of the Company having only accumulated that stake in the last 12 months with the intention of abandoning the strategic plan, thereby potentially depriving other shareholders of the opportunity to realize long-term value from their investment in also announced that Jim Stephens and Toni Portmann, both of whom are incumbent directors, have decided not to stand for re-election at the 2016 Annual Meeting. is deeply appreciative of the dedicated service that both of these directors have provided to during their tenure and the countless ways they have helped navigate through a period of significant transformation. As a consequence of reducing its recommended slate from six to four nominees and given that six directors are to be elected at the 2016 Annual Meeting, at least two of the VIEX Group’s nominees are certain to be elected to the Board at the 2016 Annual Meeting. believes that reducing its slate of recommended nominees in this manner should facilitate the ability of stockholders who, consistent with the recommendations of both ISS and Glass Lewis, want to vote their shares for a combined slate and prevent the VIEX Group from getting control of the Board. advises stockholders that in order to vote their shares consistent with the recommendations of both ISS and Glass Lewis that the VIEX Group not be given control of the Board, they will need to split their vote among the two slates which can be done with the assistance of MacKenzie Partners, Inc.,’s proxy solicitor. As ISS noted in its report, “this election provides a prime example of how shareholders could benefit from being able to vote on a universal ballot. Being forced to select only from the nominees on a given card, however, artificially limits shareholder ability to optimize the new board.” While does not agree with the view of ISS that the Board should be split 50/50 between’s nominees and the VIEX Group’s nominees, stockholders interested in following the recommendations of both ISS and Glass Lewis that the VIEX Group not be given control of and, accordingly, want to split their vote between the two slates should contact MacKenzie Partners, Inc. for assistance.

*Permission neither sought nor obtained from ISS or Glass Lewis. Emphasis added.

Stockholders are reminded that, no matter how many or how few shares they own, their vote is extremely important to prevent the VIEX Group from obtaining control of is asking that stockholders VOTE TODAY each and every WHITE proxy card they receive FOR all four of remaining highly-qualified and very experienced nominees: Elizabeth Cholawsky (who serves as’s Chief Executive Officer) and  Elizabeth Fetter, Lowell Robinson and Tim Stanley, our three newest independent directors who joined the Board within the past ninety days. Stockholders may also vote by phone or Internet by following the instructions on the WHITE proxy card they have received.

Stockholders are also urged NOT to sign or return any gold proxy card or voting instruction form that they may receive from the VIEX Group. Even a WITHHOLD vote with respect to the VIEX Group’s proposed director nominees on its gold proxy card or voting instruction form will cancel any WHITE proxy card or voting instruction form previously given to Stockholders are also reminded that if they do sign a gold proxy card that is sent to them by the VIEX Group they have the right to change their vote by voting the WHITE proxy card.

Only the latest dated proxy card or voting instruction form voted will be counted, so stockholders are urged to vote TODAY each and every WHITE proxy card they have received!


Remember, you can vote your shares by telephone or via the Internet. Please follow the easy instructions on the enclosed WHITE proxy card.

If you have any questions or need assistance in voting your shares, please contact our proxy solicitor:

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